Monday, 18 April 2016

Finishing and a Field Shoot

I went to Cloth of Gold's open shoot on Sunday, I shot pretty well but not as well as I'd have liked of course as I was tiring by the end. I was shooting in a group of 4 with whom I'd not shot before, a couple, both shooting sighted target recurves and a guy shooting an unsighted target recurve. It was very interesting to see shooting a different style and it gave me a better appreciation of the discipline and performance. They all out shot me as they all had a flatter trajectory, (the man, Lawrence, with the sighted recurve was drawing 50# and doubtless had an arrow speed well over 200fps) but I just about held my own with the unsighted recurve. My best shot, was on the longest shot on the course, which was a bear at over 50 yards which the others had missed. I hit it first arrow and Lisa, the lady of the group said, they'd all been embarrassed by a man with a stick! Made me chuckle.
Second time round (2x 20 3D targets) it was our last shots and I blanked it... even managed to stick an arrow about 10 foot up a tree!
Thanks to all at Cloth of Gold for a great day, the course was nicely varied, the weather kind and the catering excellent.

A quick bit of of 'back of the envelope' calculation about the long shot on the bear.
Say it was 55 yards, that's 165feet.
The arrow speed is about 165feet per second from that bow, therefore it's flight time is 1 second.
During it's flight it is free falling under the effect of gravity. How far does it drop in 1 second flight?
s=1/2 a t squared where 's'=distance.  'a' = accelleration due to gravity (32 feet per second squared) and t = time (1 second)
That gives 1/2 x 32 x 1 x 1 which is 16' (gasp!)
So no wonder I had to aim pretty high.

Meanwhile I've done the arrow plate and got 2 coats of Danish Oil on the 60 pounder and shot 36 arrows through it. It's looking good.

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