Thursday, 14 April 2016

Yew 60 Pounder Almost Done

I've got the horn nocks fitted (pale Waterbuffalo horn) but not polished up. It's been tken to just beyond full draw (mind the brace height is a whisker low, which makes up for that).
The tiller looks lovely now, I had to do a lot of fine adjustment to get it back the last 3" and to get the mid-outer limbs working. The big knot was worrisome on the right limb, but I didn't want to leave it over stiff which would have stressed the inner limb.
I'll make a proper string for it, sand it down and get the horn nocks finished. Then it will be shooting it in and finally doing the arrow plate. It's always good to shoot it in first as the arrow pass may need to shift a whisker to get the smoothest shooting position. It looks a little weak about 1/4 of the way along the right limb from the grip, but that's just a bit of a deflex dip in the stave. It's a nice long bow, so it's not over stressed at 28". It would probably pull to 30 plus, but It's not rated for that because of the knots and shakes (there are a couple of areas still present, but they only go a mm or 2 deep and are soundly filled )
You can see from the picture it's a tad over the 60#, but that will doubtless settle down.
Here's a few other random holiday pics too!

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