Monday, 25 April 2016

Spliced Yew Billet Warbow

I've just started a Warbow for a guy 80# @ 29" which should be manageable enough for me with a bit of training up.
The spliced billets are decent wood and I made the splice nice and long, (see here:- ) it should be fine for this sort of weight and I'll tiller it out to 30", possibly to 90# initially to allow for it to settle a bit. Warbows do tend to settle a fair bit as they are working pretty hard.
There is a bit of natural deflex in the glued up stave which is quite good as it allows it to be taken to brace a little easier. Reflex in heavy bows is a nightmare when it comes to the early tillering and trying to get 'em to brace as they try to flip upside down and can whack you on the hand as you are fiddling with 'em on the tiller.
I've got it roughed out and flexing on the tiller.

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