Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Honey I'm Home!

We've been on holiday to Madeira last week, we had good weather and a really chilled out time. I was in need of a break and I've come back refreshed.
Saw some wonderful plants, went up into the mountains and did a short walk along a Levada (an irrigation channel). In one of the gardens there was an exhibition of African Soapstone sculpture which I found very inspiring. We went on a catamaran and saw dolphins, fortunately the sea was fairly calm.
It was their flower festival on the last couple of days and I got some nice candid pics.
I like the one of the little boy being fussed over by his Mum, and the Slightly Japanese feel of the girl sitting on the kerb.

I'll get back to the Yew longbow tomorrow, it's probably ready for horn nocks.

I brought a second hand kindle off E-bay and I'm V impressed, it saves on carrying loads of books on holiday.
I was searching through the free books and found this. It's a must read and free!

I have a tatty old paperback version.

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