Thursday, 5 May 2016

80 Pounder Virtually There.

I've got the horn nocks done but not polished up (just added the pic of the bottom nock now it's polished). It's pulling 80# at 28" The right (upper) limb is a nice bend, it's been left a bit stiff near the grip to allow extra meat at the splice and give it a nice chunky Warbow look and feel. The extra inch to 29" isn't an issue, I'm simply avoiding pulling it past the 80# at the moment until I'm 100% happy with the tiller. So it will get a few arrows through it at 28" first.
The left limb is a whisker stiff in the tip still although I need to bear in mind it starts with a hint of reflex, it's actually a bit stiff about 1/3 out from centre. A few scrapes with the cabinet scraper should do it, but probably wise to shoot it a bit first before I fiddle too much.
Fitting the nocks usually results in me substantially thinning the last 6-8 inches or so, but it looks like it could do maybe with a tad more as it looks a bit fat!
The overall tiller is a bit more elliptical rather than circular due to the stiffened centre which should result in a slightly faster less stressed bow in theory.
There are a few checks (fine drying splits or growth anomalies in the wood) showing on the belly but the worrying ones which ran off the edge of the bow have all been removed. When they run along the belly it's not a problem, often the central pith of a skinny log will show on the belly and just adds a bit of character.
It's looking very handsome and I may even put a hint of reflex into the right tip just to match it up to the left, that may be my ace in the hole if it loses a few pounds while being shot in.
I'll get on and make a string then I can start shooting it, I think can draw it ok but it will certainly be easier with an arrow on the string.

Meanwhile the rawhide on the Yew heartwood character bow has dried so I'll take the string binding off and have a look. I'm not really looking forward to doing the other limb as it's a messy slippery job, but I am looking forward to seeing the finished job.
Here are some pics with the first limb lightly cleaned up. I pulled it on the tiller and there were no horrible cracking noises, the tiller didn't look too bad and I took it to about 26". I'll press on and do the other limb in the next day or so.
Not sure how I'll finish/seal it to make it weather proof, doubtless the guys on Primitive archer will have suggestions, maybe a modern polyurethane finish, not that I'm a big fan of modern finishes, hence the hide glue.

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