Sunday, 15 May 2016

Patch Progress and a Mini Bow

I chiselled out the splinter but it went quite deep in places and would be very difficult to shape a matching piece. I could now see the extent of the problem so I rasped out all the split, fading it out gently at either end, making sure the the pin knots were covered, mind there is another pin knot about 1/2" further along, but to extend the patch over that would have been tricky as there is a dip there. Got to draw the line somewhere, and I s'pose it's just gut feel and experience.
The tricky thing is to make the patch so that it needs very little to blend it in, I want the natural under bark surface left for maximum integrity and also to look right. 3rd pic shows chunk of Yew sapwood from which I'll cut the patch... it's got a lovely clean back.
The pics tell the story, I'll post more tomorrow when the strapping comes off.
Meanwhile, I've made the 24" bow, it's about 35# at 12"
I'm adding some finishing touches, (  sort of parrot.turtle head to the bottom nock ) and hoping to ship it out the the States for the Marshall Mini Bow Challenge :-)

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  1. the mini bow looks comical but 35lb @ 12" would be interesting to shoot!