Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Flight Testing

I nipped out to test a couple of bows, the refubished takedown (40#@ 28") and the Yew 60# @ 28".

With the 40# 'Boo backed Yew takedown I shot two flight arrows , one bamboo and one cedar, they went 212 and 211yards respectively (slight tail wind) which is ok for a regular bow as opposed to a flight bow.
With the 60# I tried a 11/32" shaft 100gn point and a 5/16" shaft 150gn point. These got 192 and 211 yards respectively.
I then tried the 'boo flight arrow which went about 10 yards, that'cos it had split down the middle!
I quit while I was behind. The good thing was the field had dried out and was fine for shooting, the grass being relatively short still.
With the other flight arrow which has a reinforced horn nock the 60# would have gone well past the 200 but I didn't want to push my luck.

I've since repaired the arrow with epoxy, glues a turned horn rod down the centre hole at the nock, and bound round the nock with fine linen thread which then has low viscosity cyanoacrylate glue on it, that is the sanded smooth and faired in with a wipe of epoxy. I did the same binding on my longer bamboo flight arrow and that stood up to a 120# warbow.


  1. Little CA will fix that right up ;)

  2. Knowing me, I'll prob' try and salvage it some how!

  3. I actually fixed a boo shaft that was almost that bad. it was a "hanger" that got skewered and split most of the length. The ends held together though. I squeezed some thick CA into it and it's still shooting six months later

  4. Ta, It's give me something to fiddle with in an odd moment. Mind that wasn't my fave arrow as the colour makes it a pig to find, especially with the greylag goose fletchings. What I need to find is a Luminousyellowlag Goose :-)