Monday, 16 May 2016

Patch and Arrow Plate Done

The 'Transatlantic' bow (American Yew belly, English Yew back) has been refubished, the patch is pretty good. The yellow arrows in the pic show the extent of the patch.
The bow needed a hint of re-tillering, the lower limb has taken a bit of set over the years and unfortunately I can't use heat to straighten it because of the glue line. The upper limb, where the patch is, has been evened out a tad which has re balanced the bow a bit.
I've only shot one arrow at about 27" draw so far. I'll shoot it at 32" when it's had another day to cure the glue. meanwhile I've added a huge arrow plate. Because it's been shooting warbow arrows with their cheese-grater whipping round the fletchings, the wood at the arrow pass had been ripped to hell.
Anyhow it's looking better now and should give a few more years service.

Meanwhile the 24" mini bow has been posted off to the USA as the "UK Entry" to the Marshall Mini Bow Challenge. Hopefully there will be some pics of the fun.

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