Monday, 28 November 2016

24" Draw and Closing...

The character primitive is getting very close now, the lower limb is bending more in it's outer 1/3 and I've been cleaning up the belly with a scraper.

The big feature knot hole area is still a tad stiff, but I wondered how sound it is on the belly, after all the hole goes in very deep from the back and I've taken a good bit off the belly. I did some gentle probing and sure enough there was very little wood there.
The big question is do I open it out an leave it as a feature hole or do I fill it on the belly side down to about half the limb dept to prevent it crushing an pinching? I'll probably fill it. Feature holes in Osage are quite common but it's a much denser wood and I'd rather err on the side of security than style.
The work I've done on the back is paying dividends as it is beginning to look really good now, photos rarely do a bow justice, so I'll wait until it's finally finished before trying to show it off.
Mean while here's a pic showing working on the belly and the feature knot.

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