Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Saw it Longer!

It's often said that it's good to make a bow an inch or two longer than planned as it's easier to saw a bit off than to saw it back on.

Well this stave was always a tad short so I've sawed an extra 2" onto each end! The splices are pretty good but I've left the tips rather bulky for now to allow some room for adjustment of string line etc. The overall shape of the bow is looking good and the tiller even and almost back to brace height. I've narrowed the grip just a little to let me feel how it will sit in the hand, but as it progresses it will become more elegant and graceful with the grip narrowed substantially.

Pics also show the big bulging feature knot on the back of the lower limb.

In the pic of it on the tiller, the right limb looks thick over the outer half, that's because the limb is slightly twisted there, it's not a prob' just part of the character. There is also a slight optical illusion caused by the sapwood showing more near the grip, this makes the heartwood (and the whole limb) looks slimmer. the proof of the pudding will be in the bend of the bow.

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