Tuesday, 8 November 2016

No Work on Bows Still

Emily cat has been very lethargic being confined indoors with a "lampshade" collar on, so we bought a pink harness and lead so we could take her out in the garden and take the collar off for as long as possible each day.. It's worked and she's got her mojo back, but is now driving us bonkers. Just another day or so until her stitches come out and we can all get back to normal.
She was going stir crazy yesterday afternoon so I took her out on her lead and we ended up about 15 foot up the Yew tree... yes I was a bit silly! I worked out, the best way to get her down was to hook one of her claws into my top lip and get down quickly whilst she was preoccupied in trying to tear my face off. Actually she was very good as plenty of soothing words kept her calm, it could have got nasty.
This morning she was nicely distracted for half an hour by a mange tout she found on the kitchen floor, eventually she mauled it to death and the peas burst out of it, she ate a few of them before realising that she hadn't eater her breakfast which she then wolfed down.

I've ordered Acrylic for the summer house windows which should hopefully be here by the end of the week, then I can get it finished up and weather tight. By then Emily will be back to free roaming and I'll be able to go in and out to the garage to work on bows without setting her off yowling.

I walked up to the town to do some food shopping, I went up through the woods and took some Autumnal pics.

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