Thursday, 24 November 2016

First Flexing at a low Brace for the Character Primitive

I've got it to a low brace and looking fairly even at about 45#. It's steady work from now on to slowly remove wood from the belly keeping the tiller good and easing the draw length back whilst holding the draw weight at 45-50#.
I'll need to keep a close eye on the knotty areas, they will have to do some work and contribute to the flexing of the bow, but mustn't be over stressed. I'll also be cleaning up the back getting it close to a single growth ring where appropriate.
Here's a V short video of it on the tiller.
Bit of a rant! :-
Bad Design, we bought a Bosch vacuum cleaner about a year ago because the Dyson is so bloody noisy. The reviews were good, and it is lovely and quiet...until... it's just started to fail because it's "lifetime filter" is so clogged it needs ripping open and washing out.
It has a clacker mechansim that is supposed to rattle out the dust when you rotate a knob. One of the clacker fins has snapped off because it wasn't designed by a bowyer. It has no taper on it and so it snapped off at the root... I'm sure it was fine on the CAD system (sigh), anyhow I'll clean it out and rebuild it, meanwhile I'm getting subjected to a noise roughly equivalent to shoving my head up a jet engine.
Fair do's to them, I posted this rant on their Facebook page, they have responded V quickly and will send a new filter.

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  1. "Lifetime filter"... yeah, right!
    A bit like the Dyson we had: "No filters to clog up"... and then, when the suction started to fade, turns out there *is* a filter that needs washing out every 6 months or so...
    Nice that Bosch have responded well though :-)
    Bob S