Saturday, 12 November 2016

Rain and Crab Apple Jelly

I still can't finish off the summer house as the acrylic hasn't arrived yet, they say 5-7 working days so it must turn up Monday or Tuesday. Yesterday was a good day, Emily Cat had her stitches out the previous afternoon was allowed to run free at last, she went bonkers, running up the Yew tree and disappeared for long spells before coming back home tired out.
I picked up some crab apples and made a small test batch of crab apple and chilli jelly, I let it mature for a full 7 hours before trying it with cheese and biscuits... very nice, sweet with a bit of tang and a chilli heat that comes though afterwards.
I gathered a load more fallen crab apples, got 'em stewed up and straining through some old net curtain. I used a workmate bench upturned in the garage to let it strain overnight. I'll do a few jars of different flavours, rosemary, sage, ginger, chilli. It's a bit of a fiddle but it makes something a bit different to have on cold meat (I'm thinking Boxing day cold Turkey here).
It's stonking down with rain which is stopping me doing too much, I'd really like to get the garage tidied up so I can get back to working on bows. Gotta do the weeks shop later... groan.

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