Saturday, 17 June 2017

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Started on a 'Boo backed Yew prod, I was going to heat treat the Yew but there were a couple of nasty knots that I had to chisel out and fill. I chiselled right through and put in simple rectangular patches, the boo backing will help hold it together and they should be fine with simple square ends as they are in compression. I've spliced the two limbs together with a very short Z splice at a deflexed angle, I'll add the reflex at the glue up stage, I built up the splice area with some Ash before cutting the splices to beef up that area.
I've got the bamboo planed up, might get it glued up tomorrow, but maybe not as it Father's day and we'll be picnicking.
The two limbs were cut from the same billet and one has a bit of sapwood showing, but it will have mostly gone by the time it's ready for the boo back.


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