Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Trigger Mechanism

I went over to my mate Mick the blacksmith, which is always good for a natter, he dug out some bits of steel, some EN9
Id filed the sear and bent to be about right but I wondered how square they were so I jigged 'em up in the lathe toolpost and put an end mill in the chuck and had a go at some milling, obviously taking very fine cuts as it's a small lathe not a milling machine. The finish is pretty good, but I was pleased to see that my original file work was V close anyway. I can't really jig up the nut to machine the working face, but I'll leave that soft initially until it has been adjusted and bedded in, then I'll harden it.
It's an interesting change to be working with steel and it shows what my little lathe can do, I might try and find a vertical slide attachment so I can do little bits of milling.
All good fun and it gives me something to do out of the rain.

Emily cat has been given free rein now with the cat flap permanently open now. She hasn't got me trained yet and I was a bit anxious when there was no sign of her this morning and it was pouring down. No need to worry she came clattering through the cat flap after a couple of hours and wolfed down her breakfast. It'll take a day or two to overcome my cat anxiety 'cos I'm an old softy, despite my carefully cultivated air of grumpiness ;-)

for the trigger and some angle iron for the prod mount. I spent a good deal of the afternoon sawing out the trigger, good exercise, little and often.

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