Sunday, 4 June 2017

Yew Primitive Collected

My secret buyer and his wife drove down from an undisclosed secret location... (he wants to surprise his club mates with the new bow). It was a lovely sunny day so we had a great time chatting and trying out the various bows and crossbows. He was certainly pleased with the bow and his wife who has moved to compound tried the bark on Hazel and shot some whistling arrows from Monkey bow. She found the Chinese Repeater a tad scary but liked the primitive crossbow. I shot a few arrows too.
In the afternoon I was tidying up and thought I'd have a go with good old twister, I strung it and picked up 4 arrows... first arrow thud, plumb centre of my little white cut out foam piglet... that'll do nicely! I didn't shoot the remaining 3 arrows.
I've started work on the trigger mechanism for the crossbow project and planning the bow mount. I might do a first try out to mount the old fibreglass and rock maple prod that I made many years ago. It was made on the same form as the bow that is on the Chinese repeater, but with a thicker core and is about 100# @ 15"
I might even do a quick plywood stock to test the various parts before touching a plank of decent hardwood.
I'll pop in on my mate Mick the blacksmith tomorrow to scrounge some carbon steel for the trigger, I had enough for the nut but don't have any more.
No pics today... you can draw on the screen with felt tip pens if you like ;-)
Gotta keep our spirits up and retain our sense of humour despite the murderous nutters who rampaged in London last night. It makes no sense, and if they don't want to be part of the world, I have no objection to them checking out early, but there is no need to take others with them.
It's comforting to see the concert in Manchester on TV, it shows that can't win and that must give a tiny crumb of comfort to those in pain.
It's not that hard to live peacefully if everyone just avoided killing anyone we'd all be better off.
Blimey, we archers all wander round with bows and still mange to avoid killing each other... even when the tea urn goes gold.
Stay safe...

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