Friday, 4 March 2011


I've mended the quiver, not without a few errors in the stitching which required it being done twice. Oh it's so easy to find you've stitched through an extra layer of leather.
As I was doing it I looked at the poor old quiver made of bits of old school bag and assorted discarded handbags donated by my wife and thought the whole thing was rather cobbled together. Ah, yes indeed, the penny dropped, stitching together scraps of leather is doubtless where the expression came from.
It can't be that often an expression is genuinely used in context these days, although we get a fair few from archery.
It would be handy to have leather working as another string to my bow, and I'm considering buying some leather to make myself a decent quiver. I've also enquired on the cost of having a custom quiver made to my own pattern, I'll have to do a cost benefit analysis (just a bit of joke management speak there).

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