Monday, 28 March 2011

Test Shots

The tillering string has been twisted up to give a good high brace and I've shot a couple of dozen arrows, with some slight tweaking on the tiller in between. Even with the wooden toggle on the string it shoots smooth and sweet. Here's a pic showing the upper limb and the areas where the grain swoops up and down and had caused some problems. I must confess to removing the 3 arrows which hadn't grouped so nicely - but I blame the tillering sting for the odd poor loose! The bow has taken very little set; held with it's belly against a wall I can only get one finger between the wall and the grip. The arrow pass corresponds with a slight bend/bulge and a knot which shows on the back of the bow and is a nice little feature, (the slight bulge can be seen at the lower left of the picture) and gives a slight natural comfortable shape to the grip area. I'm resisting the temptation to tinker with it anymore. I'll just shoot some more arrows and then do the horn nocks.

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