Monday, 28 March 2011

Straightened Bow

The Yew longbow has come off the straightening jig and it looks much nicer, the sideways S shape has gone. I'd also taken some deflex out of the top limb, this has upset the tiller with that limb now appearing too stiff. Actually this is a good thing as it's allowed me to shape more carefully around the major dips in that limb. The bow is now back to 52 pounds at 28 inches and looking rather fine, very little set but some nice ripples of character. It needs plenty of shooting in to make sure it's settled down, before I do the horn nocks. There's still a little bracing height to play with and I can still take a tad off the length if it becomes necessary. Fine finishing and some shooting in is now the order of the day, hopefully I'll have it finished by next weekend when I can take it to the club and try it field shooting.

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