Monday, 7 March 2011

What the?

The Yew stave I debarked yesterday felt a bit funny and the wood under the bark didn't look white enough... I just put it down to bad light.
When I roughed it out on the bandsaw I saw what was wrong... The sap wood is a third of the way into the log instead of under the bark! (It's that nice white stripe).
Now this stave is from the same log as the bow in the previous posts! It just goes to show what weird stuff wood is, further down the stave there appeares to be no sapwood at all!
I might save this stave for a bow for myself as I've decided against reworking my 75 pound bow (I wouldn't want to risk ruining it, and it would be very tricky due to the various knots, twists and turns.)
I'll remove that outer 'heart wood' but I don't know how it will look as it gets worked down. All I can do is follow a growth ring and see what turns up.

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