Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back Patch Unwrapped

I got back home from work itching to unwrap the rubber binding off the bow tip and see how the patch looked. the binding was nice and tight and some of the wrapping had becomed glued to the wood. It cleaned up easilly with a rasp and file. I've just done it roughly and taken some pics.


  1. very impressive!

  2. Hi Derek,

    I've been keeping an eye on your blog for a little while now, it's very useful as I'm hoping to get started on my first yew stave in the next month or so - I was wondering what sort of resin do you use for filling gaps/holes in bows? Just in case I should happen to come across anything similar...



    1. Hi, I use a good quality 10 minute epoxy, (501 brand), Bondloc do a good one too. I don't use Araldite rapid as it's useless. I use the 10 minute stuff for tip overlays, nocks arrow plates and sticking in pegs (I allow it at least 30 minutes to go off reliably)
      For patches I use Araldite Precision.
      Note, in this cold weather most epoxies take longer to go off, best to put them somewhere warm to cure. If you are making wood dust/epoxy mixture, make it much drier than you think, as it seems to get wetter when it's packed in tight.