Sunday, 11 March 2012

Good Progress on the Tiller

Got outside to work on the bow for the first time this year, spent a fair bit of time carefully going over the back with a scraper and 280grit wet & dry paper.
As I sat and worked I could hear Wuuuurrrpp Wuuuurrrp of the frogs in the pond, I couldn't help smiling, it was a bit chilly to start with but the sun came out and it was a glorious day.
I wanted to make sure the back was as flawless as is practical. I'm pretty scared that the damn thing will explode on me like the last one, I've even filled some tiny pin knots which I'd probably not bother about normally. I must have filled 8 or 9 in total by now, although one has almost disappeared off the edge of the bow and a couple of dodgy swoops in the grain have now turned into graceful curves.
I've got it to a low brace (about 4") and pulled it back to about 55# at 24".
I'm still not sure if it will become the 55# bow or the 65-70#although I suspect it may be the 55#. Whichever way it goes I shall take it back to 29" as a test of overdraw and shoot it in for a week before declaring it sound.
The belly is nicely rounded now and I've narrowed the tips a little, it' still a bit stiff in the outer limbs. Overall the curve is looking good and it's beginning to look really sweet.
The main problem is my state of mind! What I might do is set the camera up taking video when I take it back any further so if it does go bang, I'll at least have something to show for it this time.
Next step is to get it to full brace and exercise it a fair bit and carefully examine the back, for any lifting grain.
The thought of working some smooth white knot free Hazel later in the year is beginning to become very appealing!
Pics tomorrow!

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