Friday, 16 March 2012

Finishing Touches

The nocks have been done in white Waterbuffalo horn which is a browny white streaked colour and rather handsome. I've kept the nocks short and compact and actually moving them inwards by 1/4" at each end fractionally shortening the bow to help keep the draw weight up. It now weights 65# at 28". I've briefly taken it to almost 29" and I've shot 50 arrows through it to settle it in.
A matching horn arrow plated has been inlayed and I'd doing the leather grip, building up the back with a bit of hard leather first as there is a naturally concave area at the grip which feels harsh in the hand.
the first pic shows the built up leather after it's been carefully blended in. I taped a couple of pieces of a tin can around the bow either side to avoid damaging the sapwood as I shaved and rasped the leather. I rubbed UHU glue into the surface to harden it it and make it easier to shape, a craft knife, spokeshave and rasp were all used.
Second pic shows the bow resting on the vice jaws as the Danish oil dries. It's looking very handsome now.

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