Thursday, 22 March 2012

Strings Arrows and Doll's Bow

I've been busy making a couple of bowstrings and refurbishing a load of arrows.
After shooting the longbow I noticed that many of my arrows were a bit short. I usually allow the point to be snapped off once and re-glued (snapped tips is an occupational hazard of field archery).

My wife's birthday is coming up soon and I thought I'd commission some handmade decorative glass from the wife of a colleague who makes some really nice stuff
we went over to look at her work and she also showed us her dolls house which is crammed full of interesting stuff.
Now the poor little Victorian gent in the doll's house didn't have a longbow! That's just not right so I made one for him this morning, it turned out rather nicely and will be a nice little touch tucked into the corner of his study.
It's made of a sliver of Oregon Yew with proper heartwood and sapwood on the belly and back and horn overlays on the nocks.
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  1. Love the the doll's bow!
    What's the draw weight?
    Have you chrono'd it yet? ;-)

  2. I did actually give it a careful little plink with that arrow.
    It's prob a bit thicker than scale and thus a bit too stiff. I actually ended up putting in some deflex with a hot air gun to make it easier to string (there is still some tension at brace height).
    I expect it would scale up to about 300# at 30" !

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  4. Quote from Hrothgar
    "Looks really nice - I've recently picked up a Yew stave, in order to make my first Yew bow - however I've got a few issues with it I'd like to get some advice on before I go too far ahead and potentially wreck it! You seem to be the man to talk to about English Yew! Cheers Matt"
    I've removed Hrothgar's message as it contained his E-mail address and might attract spam.
    I have E-mailed him

  5. Beautiful Bow and arrow set! What did you use for fletching on your arrow? How did you size it?

  6. Thanks, I fletched the arrows with some Collared Dove feathers I found in the garden, we get Sparrowhawks which occasionally ambush the collared doves!
    I made a note of the doll when I saw him, just using my hand and thumb to judge the size.