Saturday, 24 March 2012

Knot Repair

If you look closely at the knot in the last post you can see that half is sound and half discoloured, there is also some discolouration in the heartwood.
The first 3 pics show the view around the end of the stave by the knot, it looks fine one side and awful the other.
(A pencil line around the stave gives a reference point).
I decided to do a similar patch to the one I did on the last bow. I've taken more pics to show the approach of cleaning out the rot, filling and then patching.

Once filled the problem area has been rasped and filed flat and a sliver of sapwood prepared to patch it. I found a nice piece of sapwood with a natural bulge in it which should blend in nicely.
Great care is taken to get both surfaces prepared clean and flat, although there is a slight concave curve along the limb where is cut away (but it's flat in the other plane). It's only one edge of the limb which has been rasped away. The view of the side and back show how the corner edge of the back and side has been taken off.
Epoxy has been applied and the patch held in position with masking tape and then tightly bound with about 4 layers of rubber strapping. We'll see how it looks when it's cleaned up tomorrow.

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