Friday, 2 March 2012

Finished Miniature

All finished, I've had it back to 14 1/2" draw and shot it through the chronometer at 119fps.
I haven't re-weighed the draw weight as it's tricky to read accurately, but it's round about 10 pounds.
The arrow penetrates 4" into my target. It kicks a bit left as it's a tad stiff for the bow.

The arrow weighs 84.4 grains and it's been suggested that if I went to a 50 gn arrow I'd get surprisingly fast speed maybe 170 fps. These tiny bows are so light and the short limbs have very little inertia.
I can't be bothered to make up another arrow, but I can imagine it would go pretty fast and far.
I once made a tiny miniature crossbow pistol which could shoot a 1 1/2" bolt half the length of a football field! It was so light I could shoot myself in the belly with it and barely feel it if I had a thick shirt on. the bolt had a little bit of thin wire soldered round the tip for weight and two paper flights with the trailing edges kicked up a tad to make it spin.

I shall leave the bow strung as it's a right pig to get the string on it, and it's for decoration really. I'll pack it up and post it at the weekend.
Having had a bit of a break, I'll have another look at my stash of staves.

Miniature longbow
Miniature Yew bow

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