Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hazel Recurve Tweaking

Glorious morning sitting in the sun with a fine rasp, scraper, load of wet & dry paper and the Hazel bow, I've been narrowing the tips a bit now that the string line is good.
I've noticed the tiller has changed a bit, the lower limb is now a tad weak. In the previous full draw shot it looks maybe a hint strong.
I think if a limb is going to shift it tends to be either the lower one or one which started out reflexed as they will be subject to greater strain.
I also think that maybe shorter wide limbed bows may be more susceptible, this is one thing that puts me off trying a Mollegabet design with short wide hard working inner limbs and thin stiff levers for the outer limb. Doubtless I'll man up at some point and make one.
Of course all the above is just guess work based on sparse evidence. It amuses me how much claptrap is spouted by people jumping to conclusions based on very little evidence.
Anyhow, meanwhile back in the garage, I'm heat treating the lower limb to stiffen it a bit and take out a tiny bit of the set from just above mid limb. I'm keeping the heat well away from the glued tip reinforcements. I'm typing this up while the heat is on, my trusty kitchen timer is in my pocket ready to bleep every 4 minutes (I may increase this to 5 as it's barely discolouring the wood).

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