Monday, 10 June 2013

Shoot report Cloth of Gold:- plus Pic

Shoot report Cloth of Gold:-
I shot the Hazel recurve and it performed better than I did.
It was a master hunter round (2 arrows at every target) I shot ok but was shooting with 4 others who are all excellent shots. One guy is the holder of multiple national records. ... so I scored lowest : (
He was a fount of some good advice and info, but he did rather preach as if I didn't know the first thing. (The explanation of how increasing brace height reduces paradox was totally unnecessary). 
At one point he was questioning if Simon Stanley's 170# Yew Warbow was really 170# and he wanted to see it on the scales. I assured him that I'd shot with SS and Robert Hardy, handled the bow and could vouch for it's authenticity.
He then asked how I knew that! I'm sure you can imagine the ire of my response! 
He was a bit more deferential after that.

It was a long slow day (do compounders really have to hold at full draw for about 15 seconds? Even the crossbows were quicker)
Great course, a lot of down hill shots and some real long ones.
My shot of the day was second time round, a standing bear at 60yards. I set up relaxed and comfortable lined up and just let slip.. I knew it was on a good line... I sat down and did the times crossword while the arrow was still in the air, then I heard a satisfying thud : ) First arrow kill!
Out of the 10 arrows shot by our group, only 3 were in him and one of those was a 'lucky leg' mine was the most central. (Of course, my second missed, which one reason I didn't much like the 2 arrow format, what's the point of shooting a dead bear? ; )  )

Thanks to all at Cloth of Gold (Catering, Marshalls, course layers organiser etc) for a great shoot.
Bit tired this morning... 

My bow was much admired too, by Russel Crowe and Damien Hirst who were just passing... which was nice.

Just added the pic, courtesy of Ray who was one of the marshalls, cheers Ray.
It almost makes me look like I know what I'm doing ;)

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