Thursday, 6 June 2013

Paint Job and Tiller Video

I've done the paint job, I'm not a great fan of painted bows but I thought I'd have a play on this one. I have some black and brown acrylic paint, so I applied those colours by massaging the paint into a length of string and pressing it onto the bow. I quite like the look, it's got a randow abstract primitive feel.
The video shows how it looks on the tiller. I think there is a slightly stiff area mid limb on the lower (left) limb, I shall go over it lightly with a scraper and be V careful not to over do it. The 50# draw weight is a good manageable weight, but anywhere between 45 and 50# suits me nicely for field shooting.
Its had a fair few arrows shot through it now, so I'll do a little work getting the grip more comfortable and tweaking the arrow pass too.
These changes will be very small as it shoots fast and clean. I might try it through the chrono to.

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