Saturday, 15 June 2013

Yew Shoots as Cuttings?

I've pressed on sorting the billets and painting the ends with PVA. There were a lot of nice green shoots on many of them and I wondered if these would grow if stuck in the ground as cuttings.
I've seen ancient Yews where branches have touched the ground and re-rooted. I checked the Internet and it said that Yew cuttings will take ok.

I like the idea of having Yews growing that are genetically the same as the 16th century Yew in Newmarket, growing in the woods near me.

I picked off the lower growth, sliced down the stems and shoved 'em into an old builders bag full of soil in which we'd been hoping to grow peas last year. The snails ate all the peas and were still hiding under the folded down sides of the bag... There was a toad hiding there too which is excellent as it may eat the slugs and snails.

Hopefully the toxic nature of the Yew will protect it from being eaten.
If they grow I'll let you know and I'll go and stealth plant them in the woods, maybe in some of the areas where there is already Yew, so that it's in keeping with the woodland.
The bits of twig in the bag were there as a cat deterrent.

Sorting out my logs has turned up some timber I probably won't use, so if any bowyers or serious aspiring bowyer wants some seasoned Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Maple etc. I've a few skinny Yew billets which might make a low weight primitve. Also a couple of half logs of Laburnum.
This isn't top grade super duper stuff but it's seasoned and good to have a go with. I do have some other odds and ends inluding the 'bad' half of all the Yew I've just billeted some of which would do for try outs miniatures or crossbow prods.
It's mostly 2-3" diameter logs or half logs , with some skinny character staves etc. It's not roughed out,' make a bow by numbers' pre shaped staves!

I do have two or three primitives which were commissioned and then uncollected (35# 40# ) if anyone is interested.
Obviously this is 'collection only'.
Anyone visiting can have a go with some of the bows and a look at what i'm doing.
The timber is free, although a bottle of wine for a long visit is always appreciated.
Contact me via the 'contact' page on my Delsbows website if you are interested.
I'm in Harlow Essex.

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  1. Nice one Del! I love the idea of stealth planting yew. Hope it works for you.