Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tales From Medieval Corner

I got down the club today to test out the Dogleg Yew Longbow and a variety of arrows including the bamboo flight arrow I made a while back.
The  niggling question for me is will 175fps get you to 180 yards?

The dogleg bow was tested at 171fps with my heavy arrows (568grain) and it sent these comfortably past the 180 yards. The chap who is getting the bow managed to turn up for a quick try out and was delighted, the draw weight was just right, although he tired after a few shots. He certainly got the first couple back to a nice smooth full 32" draw. A slight tailwind had come up by then and he was picking up his arrows a good 25yards past the flag with a big grin on his face.
We tried the really heavy 'livery arrows' (980grain) and these were still getting past 150 yards, they were possibly a tad stiff and heavy for the bow. I think it wa sthose arrows, it may have been the EWBS (English Warbow Society) standard arrow which is 802.5 grains. Still damn heavy.
I didn't dare try my lighter arrows for fear of putting them out of the field, so I shot these from my Bamboo Backed Oregon Yew bow, these made the 180yards.
Finally I strung the Hazel recurve with the wacky paint job, it dropped my standard arrow about 16 yards short of the flag, but the flight arrow made it all the way and was actually closer than anyone else.

I also had the chance to try a High Altitude 105# Italian Yew bow sold as a second hand 'training bow' not a pristine bow. It had a degree of set and the weight came in late and hard. I couldn't get it quite to full draw, but the performance didn't seem much different from the English Yew bows being tested. Doubtless with that last inch of draw and a dynamic loose it would have gained some distance, but it certainly wasn't the 'magic material' I've heard it touted as.
The above is of course just my opinion and the reader is invited to take or leave it as they are inclined.
Time will tell when I make an English Yew Warbow for 32" draw (the 90# bow I made a year or so back was only tillered to 28")


  1. Your Diary is really the TOPS Del, I think it is like the Wainright books are to a fellwalker.
    I now know so much more than I did a few days ago and that is encouraging at 73 years of age.
    Thanks again for all the time you have put into this treasure.

  2. Thanks, it's comments like that which make it feel worthwhile :)
    Glad you are enjoying it.