Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ash Bow 80# at 30"

The heat treatment did the job. Back on the tiller the outer 1/3 of each limb wasn't flexing, but I'd left them wide to help string line adjustment ant anti-twist measures. Some work with a rasp soon got the tips slimmer, in line and moving a bit.
It's still not the prettiest curve to a bow, but it will improve a little with the final tweaking.
Here's a pic to whet your appetite... mind the damn thing may chrysal or fold in half when it is at full brace and back to 32". I'm pleased and relieved I've got it this far, I'm hoping to maybe take it to the ILAA shoot at Hever castle in April to do a flight shot if I can fit it in around the other stuff that's going on.
Busy time of year spring, we have a family wedding in April and I have a trip of a lifetime coming up in May.
I'll keep my fletchings dry on that subject tho' (although some of you will doubtless know to what I refer).
Enough for now.

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