Saturday, 29 March 2014

Ash Bow at Medieval Corner

The bow was both a great success and a bit of a disappointment.
The great thing is, Dave could really get a full draw and was lobbing arrows a good way down range.
The disappointment was the chrysals spread and you can see from the full draw pic, the lower limb is looking weak. I had been hoping I could leave the bow with him as it was really useful for him to get the feel of that full draw and getting his elbow over the hill. Here is some slo mo vid (quarter speed) and a still.

I brought the bow home and will take the belly off the lower lower limb and replace it with a slat of quarter sawn Ash (given to me by a bowyer friend) which I will heat treat before glue up.
I'll check the draw weight before work and also measure the thickness at a reference point so I can see how deep the chrysals go. I'll also weigh it at 27" draw for one of the guys who tried it and has a shorter draw.
I'd better stop doing this and get to work!
Here's a still of "Medieval Dave" ... terribly confusing with 2 Daves... anyhow I though he was getting a longer draw than his stated 27" so we put some creen tape with it's edge closest to the nock at 28".
This still shows he gets to 28" !

Update:- Just rasped down the belly, the chrysals go about 4 mm deep. Whoops, damn, I forgot to measure the draw weight... bit academic really. More pertinent to do it after the repair and then all the Daves in Christendom can try it!

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