Friday, 28 March 2014

Trivial Pursuits

I've been generating a lot of mess in my workshop, the fencing (now finished) didn't help. I've also been messing around with the computer trying to get Google Blogger working correctly again and restoring some speed. It functioned ok on my computer at work, so I set to turning off some of the extraneous crap that fills up our PCs uninvited... I suspect the Macafee software still lurking on there which didn't appear as a program in any list but was there at startup was causing the problem (if you are into this stuff run msconfig.exe). I stopped a load of stuff and it seems better now. I'm using Norton for security... the Macafee was left over from when we bought the PC despite 'uninstalling' it.
I hate MS Windows with a passion., but take a sort of perverse interest as I work in electronics.

Enough of that stuff.
I've been making a tube for transporting bows, oddly I can fit 3 bows into 65mm square section plastic drainpipe, but I can't get 'em into 68mm round. I've cut some of the excess pipe and flattened it using a hot airgun and putting a brick on it. This has then been cut to size and glued into the two sawn halves of a spigot adaptor to make two end caps. One fits into the pipe, the other fits over it. All this is so I can take some bows on a 'plane when I fly to the USA in May.
While tidying the garage I also found a thin off-cut of pale Waterbuffalo horn which I polished up, it's rather pretty and shows how the colour runs through it.
I'm going to try out the Ash bow tomorrow, see how far it will lob a variety of arrows.


  1. What airline are you using when you transport your bows? How much extra does it cost? I will be making a trip to the States in the fall.
    Thank you,

  2. I'm travelling on Delta. I don't know how much it will cost as I will have to check it in at the ariport. I'll put it in the blog when it happens.
    The avaiable information on baggage is poor to ambiguous at best... the 'free baggage' allowance for sprts equipment only covers modern bows which take down to a small size.

  3. Thanks again, I will keep an eye out for it here on the blog. Have a good trip!