Friday, 14 March 2014

Shooting and Fencing

I've been shooting a few arrows every day to get in some practise and ease off a stiff neck. I think thwacking away endless arrows at 10 yards is pretty pointless, so I tend to shoot maybe 10 in a session. I also like what I call the 1 arrow challenge. I'll pick a small target and maybe try to vary the shooting position a bit, but only have one arrow with me. It concentrates the mind and can bring surprisingly good results. Of course I can go and retrieve the arrow and have another go if I screw up, but it does add some focus.
The fencing? Ah, I'm repairing about 14 yards of fence between my garden and next door's. It's her fence technically, but I don't mind doing it and going 50/50 on cost. I was thinking it would help build up some fitness. Blimey I'm stiff as a board this morning, I'd twinged a hamstring too by foolishly breaking into a sprint with the sheer exuberance of spring!
Still, no pain, no gain.
Trying to dig out rotten fence posts is a nightmare, fortunately when I did the fence last time (about 14 years ago) I wisely shunned concrete. I'd been designing and planning various post pulling strategies, but when they are rotted off to about 2 foot below ground level it's down to pretty much scrabbling about by hand.
A 3' long length of steel bar with an inch bent over at the end mounted in an electric drill helps stir it up a tad, pretty vicious and needs a good deal of care. I dubbed it my post whacker, which does rather sound like a dubious euphamism. (Don't try this at home boys and girls).
A couple of the posts hadn't rotted so deep, so I managed to scew in a big fat coach bolt, get a rope on it and lever them up and out with my 6' pry bar. Only got one to go, but it's an original post which had ben set in concrete.... that will be hard work.
After tea Daniel Craig and Kiera Knightly dropped by for a few rounds with sabre and foil...
which was nice.

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