Monday, 31 March 2014

Drat! Lost Some Weight

Damn, I did exactly what I was worried about, I took the tillering V carefully for fear of over-stressing the top limb, but I've ended up very much where it was at the end of the shooting with the lower limb looking a whisker weak and the draw weight down to 75# at 33".
Yet when I looked at the video it seemed to show 85#... it turned out I was looking at the original video in mistake for the latest one. So I set the camera closer and took some more video. Pretty unambiguous.

I could theoretically take an inch or two off the lower limb and replace the nock, but frankly my dear, I've had a bit of a belly full with this one. It's been a good learning exercise and the long belly patch is (I think ) a great success.
Maybe I'm too hard on myself, the odd few pounds is neither here nor there.. the bow is what it is and will probably take another inch of draw. If I shorten it, it will prob' chrysal again.
Think I'll quit while I'm ahead.
Ha! You know me by now... I just can't walk away, but how can I try out shortening the bow without a load of work and making a new string?
See pic!
I've effectively shortened it by 1 3/4" by wrapping with masking tape for grip and protection then binding down the string with linen thread..
The weight has gained a couple of pounds and the tiller looks better. I think I may lop 2" off and re-nock it. I might wait and see what Dave thinks!
Nah, I've just sawn 2" off it :-) ... watch out for updates.
Drat, I'll have to make a new string now :-(
Been pulling it with my string shortening toggle on to get it to the right brace height, but now I'm worried that the upper limb will chrysal so I'm heat treating it again, some areas felt soft like they hadn't been heat treated or the heat treated layer had been rasped off. Blimey I'll be glad to go to work tomorrow for a break.
Still it's a good learning exercise and I quite fancy the idea of an Ash bow with the back being the under bark surface but the belly faced with a slat of quarter sawn heat treated Ash. Mind it sounds like a lot of work especially when I have other woods calling to me.

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