Monday, 3 March 2014

Spliced Yew Finished, Pics.

I've done the arrow plate, a nice big slab of Mother of Pearl, it looks great against the black leather grip.
I'm very pleased with how it looks, the billets not being matched hasn't spoiled the look, the two limbs have their own character but the colour looks remarkably similar and the overall look and feel is great.
Ill let the pics do the talking.

I've got the refurbished bow finished too.
Now I'm now hoping to get the Hickory back glued onto the Yew belly for my flight/warbow this afternoon and maybe rough out an Ash warbow for one of the guys at the club.
I've had to strip down and adjust the bandsaw as it wasn't running true. Ash is V hard on a saw, so I wanted to fit a new blade and get it in top fettle before trying to cut.

I've roughed out the Ash, leaving the bark on the back as it's not too thick and it's V smooth, it will doubtless pop off during tillering. The time spent adjusting the bandsaw and fitting a new coarse blade (3tpi alternate set) was well worth it. It cut slow and steady, nice and clean. I'll have a breather and then rough out the thickness. I spent some time setting up for the first cut, angling the table so that I'd be cutting a flat face parallel to the back of the bow (the bark of the tree). I'd started with a quarter of a log so it was V shaped. That first cut took off the point of the V giving me a flat surface to rest on the table for the next two cuts which gave the basic shape of the bow. 40mm wide for a foot either side of the centre line and then tapering to 30mm at the tips. That leaves plenty of width to play with, this is only roughing out. It's about 43mm thick along the whole stave at the moment, tapering that will be the next step.

Oh, I forgot to say I got the Hickory back glued onto the Yew belly before lunch, so I've been a busy bowyer. Back to the day job tomorrow, so it's good to get plenty of fun stuff under my belt today.

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