Saturday, 18 April 2015

First Test Shots

I just had a go with it. I think I got a decent 28" draw out of it, then moved up to my warbow arrows.
I don't think I got much more draw, I was having to cock my left wrist as the stave is twisted at the grip and the flattish belly digs into the base of my thumb and rather jars the middle thumb joint.
I was certainly getting my right hand down near my armpit, but what I gained on the right hand was being lost as the left wrist cocked back and the elbow complained.It certainly made an impression on the boss, the arrows penetrated through and I had trouble pulling 'em out.The left elbow was struggling a bit, but my shoulders held up and it's a stain on the neck oddly enough. I had to tell myself to stop clenching the teeth... buttocks are fine to clench but teeth don't help >:D
I quit while I was ahead and still in one piece after loosing 6 arrows through it.
BTW I'd warmed up at 40# 60# and 70# first

I've had a look at the grip and I my try the bow up the other way as it feels like it might be more comfortable. This sketch shows what I mean, another alternative would be to build up the grip with leather and whip it with fine linen thread, but that's not very traditional for a warbow.

With the bow up the other way, the left edge would be the low one in the pic, and that would press more into the palm where thumb meets wrist. I'll try and see if it is more comfortable.
If I do it, It would need slight re-tillering.
I can re shape the nock, although it would be a shame as I'd loose some of the nice colour from the top nock if I round it off to become the bottom one.
Both nocks are from the same bit of horn but the top one from the tip of the horn has all the colour variation.

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