Sunday, 12 April 2015

Good Trip

I had a good trip down South, got some little jobs done around the house for my Mum and met up with my Brother and Sis'.

My Brother's mate Richard was keen to try some bows of various draw weights so I took 5 along and let him have a go with everything from 30# at 28" to 60# @ 32" and 70# @ 28"
I had 3 different sets of arrow just to add to the mix.
The weather was glorious by mid day and we set up in a field he has access to. We were both spraying arrow around rather randomly, but slowly started zoning in and he stuck one in the inner gold.
Once he'd settled a bit with one of the bows we got rid of the big target and pinned a till receipt to the boss. I stuck 3 arrows in the ground to represent the shooting pegs at a field shoot. That improved our focus immensely and he hit it second arrow. We then moved the boss amongst some saplings to make it even more difficult shooting between the trees.
It was no great range, maybe 10 - 15 yards, but again he got it from the second peg. I stepped up, and having settle down to using a fast 40# 'Boo backed yew I nailed it first arrow.
He was really enthusiastic and had a go with all the bows including the full warbow style draw. (The pics show his usual draw and the extended draw)
He could really appreciate the difference between target and field, the target was lower and closer, but it was a one shot deal which tightens the focus.
I'd taken my neolithic, Meare Heath style Ash bow 36# @28" (top left pic), he shot that a good bit and it seemed to suit, so I left it with him on a sort of permanent loan, as long as it's getting used.
It's not a bow I shoot so I'd rather see it used than standing sadly in the garage.
My Brother took some pics and I've put a few on here (cropped and slightly reduced resolution) it gives a flavour of our sunny few hours.
It's always a pleasure to meet people who are enthusiastic, it also gives me some third party contact with other archers down there who are on the forums.
Bottom pic shows me demonstrating how to make a shadow of a Puma's head!