Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tidying and Stuff (that isn't to do Bows)!

I'm getting sorted for the weekend, I have a guy coming tomorrow with a couple of staves for me to look at, he may want one turning into a longbow.
There's a village show on Sunday where I'll set up my shave horse and demo' some bowmaking. Monkey bow may get to fling a whistling arrow too!

The garage is my multifunctional 'man space' where I have my cider and beer stuff. I bottled up 20L of beer this morning from one of those beer kits, Wilko's Hoppy Copper Bitter.
Their Stout which I did in the Autumn was very good as a winter brew, so I'm hoping the bitter will be good for lighter Summer drinking.
I noticed on Primitive Archer's cooking forum (yes they have a cooking forum!) someone posted about beer bread.... Well beer and bread are two of my favourite things (along with snowflakes on kittens and all that...).
Beer bread, surely a good way to use up the yeasty dregs from the bottom of the fermentation bucket!
When I've tried making bread in the past it's always looked and smelled great... even sounded right when you knock on it, but it's always been stodgy and undercooked in the middle.
This was absolutely gorgeous! Maybe the nice warm sunny kitchen was just right for proving it, maybe the nice active yeast and added sugar did the trick but it was yummy. 2/3 of it has gone already, the pic also shows the remaining yeasty dregs, that might end up in a stir fry or as more bread!

I refurbished my backstop which had been opened up to find the broken fore end of a flight arrow. Ongoing sweeping and tidying has got the garage ship shape and created more rubbish to take to the council tip.

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