Friday, 10 July 2015

Arrow Plate Done

Got the arrow plate done this morning using an off-cut of the same horn that was used for the nocks.
It's good to have the arrow plate as the sapwood is quite deep at the grip and is a bit softer than the heartwood. If heavy arrows with whipping along the feathers are used it would rip into the sapwood.
Its more subtle than spectacular, it blends it nicely.

I went over the bow again with 80 and 120 grit Aluminium Oxide Paper (actual 'Sand' Paper is a waste of space). The first wipe of Danish oil showed a few remaining tool marks, but now it's smooth as silk and it's had another wipe of Danish Oil.

I'm sorting through my arrows and flight arrows to try it out tomorrow. I don't want to use any arrows over 30" long (unless they are marked with tape to show the maximum draw) so I'm making up a couple of quick basic flight arrows I'm using the stiffest spine 5/16" shafts I could buy, 70gn points turned to a sharper more aerodynamic point, plastic nocks and cut down flights. It will be interesting to see how it performs.
My mate JT is bringing the 130# Warbow over for me to examine and we'll try out a few bows. Must remember to take the Laser rangefinder... I'll go and put it out with my kit now... wait there.
Done it!

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