Thursday, 30 July 2015

Plums and Tweaking

Blimey, the season of fruitfulness is on the way.
As I walked back from the town I saw a load of windfall plums on the cycle track. I filled a carrier bag full to make wine, (some of the best ones were saved for eating).
As I passed the woman next door I asked if she wanted to see my plums! (Not really, but I did show 'em to her!)
I've taken the stones out, mashed 'em up and got 'em steeping in water for a few days, they'll make up 5L of wine with the addition of sugar and yeast. (I bought some yeast for this... I don't bother when I do my cider, the apples seem to start fermenting naturally with no problem).

I've been tweaking and tuning the Molle' with some advice from the Primitive Archer guys. I've narrowed the levers slightly and lost some mass where they blend into the working limb. I noticed the lever I'd done last was actually more finely worked and a bit slimmer anyway. I also took about 1/8" to 3/16" off the arrow pass as I'd noticed the lightest flight arrow (0.255" diameter shaft*) had wagged its tail quite severely for about 20 yards as it left the bow when shot for distance the other day.
I tried the bow with the heavier flight arrow at 10 yards in the garage, it flew beautifully straight and stuck into the boss nice and true.
Dare I risk the lighter one? I didn't want to risk it striking the boss whilst flexing or travelling at an angle and smashing itself.
I plucked up courage and went for it... it left the bow with a bit of a waggle but straightened up before sticking in the boss.
Excellent! I reduced the arrow pass just a whisker more, but if it straightens up within 10 yards that's pretty good.
Hopefully I'll have gained a few yards when I try it again on Saturday.

*There is some confusion over the arrow shafts, I had 4 at 9/32" and 4 at 1/4" but 3 were shorter than the others and I thought they were the 1/4" ones.
The first one I made that nose dived into the floor was definitely 1/4" and I thought I'd gone up to the 9/32" for the mark 2.
However measuring them, it seems I've used another 1/4" shaft, or maybe the repeated sanding has bought it down to the same size as the 1/4" ones?.... err... I'm droning on rather now.
Would you like to see my plums?

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