Thursday, 9 July 2015

Nearly Finished & Arrow Impact

I got it back to 80# at 29" this morning which is certainly close enough. I've been sanding it down and got the first coat of Danish oil on it. I've shot a few arrows at a full 30" draw which was pretty impressive and hard work. I used my 3/8" 'pretend medieval' arrows. It banged 'em into the target very solidly.
I'll get the arrow plate done tomorrow and try it for distance on Saturday probably. Here are some pics.
It's taken a little set, but bear in mind it started off with slight deflex on the lower limb and a huge deflex on the upper before steam bending, so I feel it's about right.
Top pic shows the overall view and the slight deflex on the upper limb (see also bottom pic). 2nd pic shows a nice pink blush on a knot near the grip and a little of the central pith showing.
The bottom nock looks good with a streak of brown in it. The sapwood is less clearly defined down by the lower nock.

I've been getting nicely into the bow, once I stopped clenching my teeth and gripping the bow so hard it became easier. Also breathing in and pushing out my bow hand gave me more draw and I could watch the arrow back to the 30" mark (a bit of masking tape on the shaft).
I decided that it would be good to video the arrow strike.
This should help put to rest the old question "Can an arrow knock over a knight in armour?", or "knock him off his horse?"

Now before people throw up their arms in protest... yes, I realise this is only an 80# bow and not a full weight arrow... BUT the target boss only weighs 10 pounds. (A bloke would weigh about 170 pounds and you could add maybe 50 for the armour.)
And yes I know it's a very unscientific test.
Now watch how far it is knocked back! Turn the sound up to maximise the thwackosity!

The whole point is that some of the fast serves in tennis are faster than a warbow arrow and the ball is about two ounces (about half the weight of the heaviest arrows). But if we consider a cricket ball, its heavier than a war arrow. and isn't too much slower from the fastest bowlers.

You can play with the arithmetic and physics all you like, but the answer is still no!
Ok it my cause someone to fall over if they are off balance in the first place but it will be more due to the injury more than the physical impact. I could put something more solid in front of the target, but it would just make it harder to extract the arrow. If you don't like my test, pretend it's an un-armoured body not a knight... maybe a politican?
Note:- the piece of wood and foam in front of the target is to stop it toppling forwards and potentially breaking the arrow.
Here's the thing... I know it will be a shock... the arrow does the damage because...
It's pointy!
That's why they didn't have tennis balls on the end of the arrows at Agincourt!

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