Monday, 20 July 2015


Blimey I'm tired out. I got the floor 99% laid on Saturday, but there's all the fiddling and finishing with cork edging on some edges and refitting skirting board on others. It's all the constant standing up, kneeling down, standing up, kneeling down. Still on the plus side I can feel it's been good for my general fitness level, if not my grumpiness!
Anyhow, I've managed a few minutes cleaning up the Molle' and I couldn't resist a wipe of Danish Oil on one lever to see what it will look like... nice.
The sapwood backing gets thicker as it runs along the lever, I did that to ensure I had enough thickness as the re was some bug damage in the Cherry.
I've got a little bit more skirting board to do... I don't think it will get painted any time soon tho'

I can imagine when I eventually shuffle off this world I'm not going to be thinking...
"I wish I'd painted more skirting boards"

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