Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Molle' Distance Shots

I made up a couple of flight arrows and tried the Molle'
I got 226 yards with a 276grain arrow and 261 yards with a 201grn  arrow.
My daughter had a go too, she was a bit more tentative but still got over 200 yards for her furthest ever shot.
Dunno where this year has gone, I've noticed the apples are ripening and our next door neighbour left a bag of wind falls on the doorstep. I'll have to sort out the garage ready for cider making, it's one of thos things which marks the passing seasons, along with blackberry and apple pie.
I've looked back and its over 5 years I've been doing the blog. I'm still enjoying it as I don't treat it as a chore, more like a journal or a reference work. I can follow the statistics and see which post are being viewed each day, sometimes I'll see posts I'd forgotten about which can be a pleasant surprise.
Here are some pics.

And to finish, a sad tale.
The fast, reflexed Boo backed Yew I made some time back was the proud possession of a lady archer. Some "helpful" idiot strung it for her... yup, you guessed... being a total idiot with no understanding or appreciation of bows and their construction or design. He tried to string it backwards and smashed a limb. It's completely broken the Yew belly and even splintered into the Boo back. It's beyond repair, but I've offered to have a go and see how far I can push the boundaries of repair as a learning exercise.
The moral is don't let other people string your bow especially if you are a lady and some macho idiot is out to impress.
She was V upset, and as the bowyer, so am I. It was the fastest longbow of that weight I'd made. damn fellow should be horsewhipped.


  1. Glad you're still enjoying writing the blog. I always look forward to the next instalment. Long may it continue. The Molle' bow looks great. Paul

  2. That molle is stunning derek, Well Done Mate. Rgds Adrian

  3. Awesome molle. I didn't follow this build, I am guessing it is yew laminated with something else (that back is just too clean looking to be a selfbow). And ya, I really really hate when that happens regarding the guy breaking the lady's bow. You should include a little print off pamphlet with very strict rules with every bow you give away or sell, one of them being "never let anyone else string, unstring, or shoot your bow".

  4. Yo, it's a cherry belly with a Yew sapwood back, sawn off a Yew log that had V thick sapwood so I sawed off the excess and saved it for a backing.
    The Molle' build starts here:-