Monday, 6 July 2015

Nocks Done, Tiller Improved

The picture speaks for itself really... the nocks aren't polished up yet. It's now at 80# @ 26 1/2" at a 6" brace. Back to work for a couple of day, should get it all the way back and shooting over next weekend, looking forward to trying at 30" with a flight arrow.
You can see the tips are slimmer than the last pic, they have been tapered width wise too. It's pretty much an arc of a circle.
I'll just keep tidying it up, and easing off mid limb and tips to let the last few inches of draw slowly emerge.
I couldn't resist buffing up the top nock, it also shows the remnants of the filled knot which is a nice feature. The nock blends into the tip of the bow, and isn't too sharply pointed. I try to shape it to respect the original shape of the horn. The key is that it should be in keeping with the rest of the bow, neither too big nor too small, even the colour is harmonious. A big black horn nock shaped like a damn chess piece would spoil the subtlety of the whole thing.
At a practical level, a well blended nock allows the string to be slipped on easily. Next job is to make a string so I can fine tune the nocks to allows the string to sit nicely. At the moment I'm using my tillering string which has huge loops and is adjusted for length by threading it through the aluminium ring  1/3 of the way along the right side of the string.

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