Sunday, 23 August 2015

Field Shoot

I wasn't 100% fit, suffering from an upset stomach, maybe too much raw apple juice along with being out too much in the sun the previous day. I almost didn't go, but I knew I'd be miserable if I stayed at home.
Anyhow it was a great course but slow shooting with a lot of walking, we didn't get back to the tea and food until we'd shot 21 of the 40 targets, that was nearly 2pm. I'd had enough by then and the rain was setting in. It's a wise man who knows when to quit, so I wolfed down a burger chips, apple pie with custard and a cup of tea. Yes it was greedy, but I'd been up since 6:30 and eaten very little, I'd even forgone the "emergency chocolate" which I normally carry round.

I'd shot pretty well all things considered and tried to concentrate on my form, I still blanked 3 targets, but they were generally tricky ones with an awkward stance, where maybe I got into overthink with the form instead of just improvising and trusting my instinct.
I got 3 first arrow kills with one being an inner kill for 24.
Of the 21 targets I hit 10 of 'em first arrow, so I was happy enough.
Most of my hits seemed more central, although it got a bit wayward as I tired. There were some testing long shots and a couple of novelty ones too.
On one target you had a choice of two 3D badgers to shoot at, one being a tad closer but you had to shoot through the window of a old derelict building which was below you and about 12 yards away. The arrow had to go in the window, out the door and hit the badger. The widow and door fram weren't really in the shot at all, and I hit it first arrow.

My best shot was a first arrow kill on a deer at about 40 yards, and the worst scoring shot was a deer at about 35... I thought I'd hit a non scoring first shot on it's horn, but I got lucky and found it was in the ear a good couple of foot away from where I was aiming. (I'd shot the second arrow into it's rump, assuming the first wasn't counting as a hit)

Sorry no pics, I got home and climbed into bed, out like a light for over an hour.
thanks to our host at Avalon and the 4 guys who shot with me, mind, to be fair I was no trouble at all!

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