Friday, 7 August 2015

More Chimney Work

The house has two chimneys and while I had the ladders out I had a look at the second... it was in a right state. The concrete crown was falling apart and came away in my hands...
I've cleaned it up and been casting a new one in situ.
Now't to do with bows, but it's been getting me fit and is fairly enjoyable in a masochistic way.
The funny thing is, a bucket of concrete seems to weigh a ton, yet it's probably no heavier than the draw weight of my regular bow.

Once I've got this done I'll be able to get the ladders put away, tidy the garage and get back to the bows... Ah, there will be the cider next... then back to the bows.
In the meantime we've been enjoying the fruits of the garden in the form of Gooseberry fool.... yum.

Talking of ladders, my trusty old tubular steel stepladder has long since lost it's rubber feet. This isn't a problem until I want to use it on a decent floor or the rubber flat roof.
I found a great company on line that has all different sizes of rubber ferrule with steel reinforced bottoms. I ordered some on line and they came really quickly. It was only when I looked at their address I realised they are in Harlow like me!
Anyhow I refurbished the stepladder for less than £8
the company is
I also got some new rubber feet off E-bay for my extension ladder, they will be too late for this job, but I'll have 'em fitted for next time.


  1. I have to say that something about that chimney really draws the eye and it looks great. Excellent comment about the weight of unfamiliar objects. I always have that same reaction if I'm carry something heavy but lighter than a dumbbell - just a different shape than one. Do you do all the restoration work on the chimney yourself or hire it out?

    Carry Scanlon @ Chim Chimney

    1. There is very little that I don't do myself. Only thing I can think of recently was fitting solar Pv and double glassing.