Monday, 3 August 2015

Non Bow Related Activity

The flashing round the chimney has been letting water in which is showing as marks on the bathroom ceiling... time to get up there and re-point it before winter comes round.
It didn't take too long to get up there on a roofing ladder (with a safety harness) and get it done.
 Picked up more plumbs, got 10 Litres of Plums fermenting for wine and a pot of Plum Chutney boiling in the kitchen. I like free stuff, shame to see it going to waste. It will be apples for cider next.

the plumbs are a wonderful colour, it appeals to our hunter gatherer instincts... if 1 plum is good, 5 plums are even better and all those lying there to be picked up are unresistible.

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  1. Those plums look like myrabalan (myrobolan), or wild 'Russian Plums.' They make good jam as well as wine. I once kept some in the freezer and when damsons came to harvest combined the two for a very full-bodied wine.