Saturday, 1 August 2015

Reworked Molle' Flight Shot.

I went over the field with my mate John, he wanted me to video him with the 130# warbow, and I wanted to try the reworked Molle'.
First shot I got exactly the same distance as I got last time 261yards ... hmmm, bit disappointed.
We then took some video of the warbow.
I wasn't going to bother with another shot, but I thought maybe I should as the loose was a bit sluggish last time and the arrow wagged it's tail as it left the bow.
This time I had the string barely on two fingers and I made sure I pulled it the last couple of inches and loosed as crisply as I dared...
I didn't see a thing... I joking looked around by my feet for the arrow... it hadn't exploded, so it must have been a damn fine loose.
We walked out to retrieve the arrows... no sign of it... walked a little further and then spotted it way off line to the left. 283 yards Wooo! Pretty slick for a 45# bow.
The still is grabbed from video of me shooting the heavier flight arrow. The lower limb looks twisted, but I think it's the camera angle and I'm probably canting the bow a tad.
Here's a video too.... it's poor due to the compression... dunno why they insist on compressing such a short clip.

In the interests of fairness here's my mate JT at full draw too.

2016 Update:- I've found the original video and uploaded it to Youtube.

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